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Pre-Planning Story

The Importance of Preplanning: Grandma Holly's Christmas Funeral

From the time she was just 3-years-old and could truly understand the season, Grandma Holly has loved Christmas. She adores brightly lit Christmas trees, red and green Christmas sweaters, gingerbread houses, perfectly draped garland, enormous wreaths adorned with huge red ribbons, Santa, holiday music, the nativity scene and anything else remotely related to the Christmas season. Grandma Holly is the type who joyfully dresses her home and lawn in countless Christmas decorations the day after Halloween and refuses to take them down until at least mid-February.

As such an enthusiastic lover of Christmas, Grandma Holly knows exactly how she wants her family to celebrate her life at her funeral—with a Christmas party, of course! No matter what time of year she passes, even if it's in the heat of July, Grandma Holly wants the church to be swimming in red poinsettias, green garland and gold ribbons during her memorial service. Instead of wearing mournful black, Grandma Holly expects her family to dress in cheerful holiday sweaters, and she wants the chapel to be filled with the blissful sounds of Christmas music. After her burial, she expects her loved ones to gather at her home and sip eggnog beside a brightly decorated Christmas tree as they reminisce about jolly Grandma Holly and her affection for everything Christmas.

Grandma Holly realizes that her funeral wishes are not conventional, to say the least. She doesn't expect her family to plan for such an elaborate service, and she's not sure she trusts that they would carry it out the way she desires if left to their own devices. That's why Grandma Holly met with her favorite funeral director at the local funeral home to put her wishes down on paper. Now that she has preplanned every detail with the funeral home, she can rest easy knowing that her funeral will be the festive Christmas bash she's always wanted.

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