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An increasing number of people are choosing cremation over traditional burials due to religious or environmental reasons. Additionally, cremation can be an affordable alternative to the typical funeral service.

If you have decided that cremation is the best option for yourself or a passed loved one, Seals Funeral Home's expert staff is more than happy to guide you and your family through the cremation planning process. If you have concerns about the cremation process, we can reassure you that your loved one will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect in the shelter of our care.

How does cremation work?

Cremation is a clean and ecologically safe process that reduces a body to its basic elements. After the cremation process is finished, the ashes are placed in a temporary container provided by the crematory or an urn purchased by the family. Throughout the entire process, the crematory uses a carefully controlled labeling system to ensure accurate identification of the cremains.

Many families think that they have fewer ceremony options if they choose cremation for themselves or a loved one, but this is not true. There are just as many memorial options available to those who choose cremation over burial. With a cremation, you can still celebrate the life lost with a customized tribute. Additionally, traditional funeral services can be held in combination with a cremation. For example, you may choose to hold the following services before or after the cremation:

  • Visitation service
  • Open or closed casket service prior to cremation
  • Memorial service at the funeral chapel, your place of worship or another significant location.

After the cremation, your loved one's cremains can be scattered in a meaningful location, placed in an urn, mausoleum or columbarium, buried in a family burial plot or placed in a special urn garden.

Feel free to contact Seals Funeral Home any time if you have questions or concerns about cremation. Our professional staff will offer you helpful details about the cremation process and explain the various cremation options available to you and your family.

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