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Honorable Veteran's Services

At Seals Funeral Home, we believe it is extremely important to honor the lives of our faithful veterans who have so courageously served our country. That's why we offer a variety of respectful veteran's funeral services.

Seals Funeral Home can assist your family in arranging military funeral honors for eligible veterans, as required by law. All veterans are entitled to the following benefits:

Burial Allowance:

Veterans Affairs (VA) will pay a burial allowance up to $2,000 if the veteran's death is service connected. Additionally, the VA will pay $300 for veterans who were entitled to receive pension or compensation or would have been entitled to compensation but for receipt of military retirement pay at the time of their death.

American Flag:

VA will provide an American flag to drape on each eligible veteran's casket. After the funeral service, the flag may be given to the next of kin or another loved one. These flags are issued at VA regional offices, national cemeteries, and post offices.

National Cemetery Burial Benefits:

Burial benefits in a VA national cemetery include the gravesite, opening and closing of the grave and perpetual care. Additionally, headstones and markers are provided at the government's expense.

Headstones and Markers:

VA provides headstones and markers for the unmarked graves of veterans anywhere in the world as well as for eligible dependents of veterans buried in national, state veteran or military cemeteries.

Contact Seals Funeral Home if you have questions about veteran's funeral benefits. Our expert staff will help you determine if you or a loved one is eligible and guide you through the many options available to passed veterans.

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